For over 20 years, Peter Johnson has defended hundreds of clients in a wide variety of complex federal criminal cases including:1

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Represented 30-year veteran Lieutenant of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in federal obstruction of justice jury trial.

Represented mayor of suburb in Los Angeles, California in connection with federal bribery charges.

Represented spouse of company owner in multi-million-dollar mortgage fraud, wire fraud and mail fraud jury trial.

Represented individual in multi-million-dollar international money laundering jury trial.

Represented company owner charged with multi-million-dollar healthcare fraud conspiracy and money laundering.

Represented company owner charged with healthcare fraud conspiracy and unlicensed wholesale distribution of drugs.

Represented federal prison guard charged with smuggling drugs into a federal prison.



Represented airline employee charged with smuggling drugs into LAX airport.


Represented spouse of company owner being investigated for payroll tax violations.

Represented individual in federal bank fraud and identity theft charges.

Represented individual in federal extradition proceedings in connection with pending charges in Australia. 


Represent individual in federal import, export and customs charges.

Represent individual in federal passport fraud and identity theft violations.


Represented individual charged with federal crime prohibiting the importation of specific exotic animals into the United States.

Represented entrepreneur and company owner in federal tax evasion trial.

Represented numerous people in federal courts in connection with allegations of federal racketeering (RICO), drug trafficking, and firearm offense.


Represented numerous people in discrete pre-indictment and pre-trial resolutions of varied kinds of alleged federal offenses.

Criminal Damage (C6F)